Printing Problems
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There are three commonly encountered printing problems:

1. Weird error messages or just printing very slow. This may mean you need to download and install the latest free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Even if you know you have the latest version this may be needed. The Acrobat Reader software seems to get "corrupted" and needs to be replaced quite frequently. If you install a new version of Acrobat Reader, be sure and read Printing Problem #2 below. Your new software may come with incorrect settings that cause problem #2. To go to Adobe and download a new version of Acrobat Reader click here.

2. Stamp boxes print too small (this may be only obvious with large items like souvenir sheets). There's an Adobe Acrobat Reader printing box titled "Shrink oversized pages to page size" that you do NOT want to have selected. This will cause the page to print smaller than intended.  If you de-select (uncheck) this box things should print as intended.

3. The whole page prints too high - the top border is too close to the top of the paper. This is a frequent problem with ink-jet printers (it should very rarely happen with lasers). The solution is usually to set your paper type to "A4". There's more discussion of this positioning issue in the Questions Section of the website.