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Current Website Members: This is the wrong Order Page for you to use unless you want a CD-ROM. Instead, use the Renew Membership webpage to renew your membership.

Website Membership. If you become a member, you'll get a username and password (which you get to pick yourself) that will let you download anything and everything on the website for one year. The pages are in Adobe acrobat format which is pretty good a keeping sizes small so you won't encounter any 1 MB files (I think the largest is about 250K). Of course if you want everything downloading could still take you a while.  Website Membership is priced at US $50.00. If you order on-line using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, you'll be able to set up your username and password as part of the process and begin using the site immediately.  


Website CD-ROM. This CD contains EVERYTHING that's available for download from the website. The CD is updated once a month. So why order the CD if you can download the same pages for the same money? Just convenience. If you don't have regular internet access, or want to give it to a relative who isn't internet literate, the CD alone may make more sense. But note that the CD alone doesn't get you access to the website for updates and new pages. You'll need the Membership + CD-ROM as offered below for that. In my opinion, the CD alone probably isn't the best best for many people. Either simple Website Membership or the combined Membership + CD usually makes the best sense. But I wanted to offer it alone in case it fits your situation better. It's priced at $50.00 which includes shipping anywhere in the world.


CD-ROM + Website Membership. This is the choice for you if you need a lot of pages and have a slow internet connection for downloading (or if you're just lazy). You get everything on the website in easy to use CD format to start with and a years membership for updates and new pages. If you order on-line using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, you'll be able to set up your membership as part of the process and begin using the site immediately. The price for both is $75.00, cheaper than ordering them separately.

Payment Procedures. When you click on one of the "Order" buttons, you'll be taken to a secure-server ordering form where you'll be able to pay by credit card (Visa or Master Card), PayPal,  or choose to pay by mail with check, money order, U.S. currency or mint U.S. stamps, or by mailing me your credit card information if you don't want to send it over the internet. Even if you intend to mail your payment to me please click on the appropriate "Order" button and fill out the requested information. When you're done you'll be able to print out an order form to send along with your payment that will make it a lot easier (and faster) for me to get your order filled.

Terms and Conditions. If you pay by credit card you will be billed as WESComp Systems. IMPORTANT: Try and remember the name WESComp Systems - that's what will show up on your credit card bill. Wish I'd put something about stamps in my business name so people would quit calling me about what the credit card charges were, but too late to change now. CD-ROM discs may be returned for a full refund. Website subscriptions are not returnable. If you have any problems with your subscription, or any of the items you purchase above, you may contact by email at wsteiner@stampalbums.com (the preferred way), or by phone at 1-317-575-9018 (if absolutely essential and not between 11am and 2pm CST).