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Links.  Shown below are some links to various philatelic web sites that you may find useful. I'm making no attempt to list a ton of sites, just those that have a particular connection to the Stamp Albums Web, or that I particularly like.

Beginners Guide to Stamp Collecting
A very comprehesive guide for beginners to get started with stamp collecting
Home Hobbies: Stamp Collecting Good source of general stamp collecting information, aimed primarily at beginning Collectors.
The French Stamp Directory Dealers, Auctions, Accessories, Magazines, Exhibitions, Clubs and more dealing with stamp collecting of France and French-related countries.
Stamp Collector The website of the biweekly Stamp Collector newspaper. Some good info on current articles, FAQ's, links to philatelic websites, some products you might find useful, and other interesting stuff.
Subway Stamps A massive, very impressive site. Worth checking out even if you don't need to buy anything - lots of good information.