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How do you download the files?
Click on the word Download in the DOWNLOAD column with your right mouse button. (You don't want to click with the left mouse button. This may cause the file to be displayed in your browser rather than being downloaded). A dialog box should appear. If you're using Internet Explorer or AOL,   choose "Save Target As ...".  If you're using Netscape Navigator,  choose "Save Link As ...".  In all cases, you then just follow the prompts to pick a location to save the file to on your PC.

The Date column is when I made the correction to the master set of pages.
If you've downloaded your pages after that date, or if the date in the Volume Name of your CD is after that date, you don't need the corrections.

Date Countries Included Download
08/26/19 50 Countries between Afghanistan and Vatican City Download
04/28/19 Poland Download
05/30/18 Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia Download
03/28/18 Bermuda Download
03/27/17 Macao Download
12/27/15 Austria Download